(Revised Oct. 2000) 




The name of this organization shall be Golden West College Patrons, here in referred to as Patrons.




 The objects of this organization shall be:

            To create direct liaison between Golden West College and the Community.

            To enhance the College's cultural, recreational, and social programs.

            To add to the enlightenment of its members through a program of lectures, discussions, and cultural programs.

            To execute ways and means projects to raise money to be used for scholarships, short-term student loans, and/or special gifts as designated by the Scholarship Committee.




 Section 1.         Membership shall be Active and Honorary.

A.         Active Membership shall not be limited in number. After paying dues, all members shall have all the rights and responsibilities granted to Patrons.

B.         Honorary Membership shall be non-voting, and shall be granted to those designated by the Executive Board.

Section 2.         Dues shall be in the amount established by the Executive Board and as listed in the Standing Rules and are due and payable in May. Dues become delinquent following the September meeting.




 Section 1.         Elected Officers

  1. Elected officers shall be a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. Eligibility.  All active members shall be eligible for any elected office.
  3. Nominations:

1.         A Nominating Committee of five (5) members, made up of two (2) Executive Board members and three (3) active members shall be selected at the February meeting.

2.         The Nominating Committee shall consider all eligible candidates and list of nominees with at least one nominee for each office, at the March meeting.  At this meeting and at the Annual Meeting in April, further nominations may be made from the floor, provided the nominee is present or has given consent.

D.         Elections

1.         Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting in April, installed at the regular May meeting, and shall start their duties on June 1.

2.         Write-in votes are not eligible.

3.         If a majority is not obtained on the first ballot, all names except those of the top two candidates shall be dropped.

4.         If there is but one nominee for each office, the election may be by acclamation.

                        E.         Term of Office

1.         The term of office shall be for one year beginning June 1 through May 31.

F.         Vacancies

1.         A vacancy in office shall be filled by the Executive Board, with the exception of a vacancy in the Office of President, in which case the first Vice-President shall fill the vacancy.

  1. In the event both the President and the First Vice-President resign, the Second Vice-President shall fill the vacancy of President.
  2. In the event the President, the First Vice-President and the Second Vice-President resign, the Third Vice-President shall fill the vacancy of President.
  3. An officer having served more than six months in office shall be counted as having served a full Term in that office.

G.         Abandonment of Office

1.         In the event an officer is unable to perform the duties of that office, the Executive Board shall have the power, after a reasonable period of time, to ask for the officer's resignation and to appoint a successor.

Section 2.         Appointed Officers

A.         Appointed Officers shall be an Auditor, Historian, and Parliamentarian.  The Patron's President subject to approval of the Executive Board shall appoint them.



Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

A.         President

  1.          Preside at all meetings.

  2.          Provide leadership; coordinate Officers and Chairs; and exercise general supervision over the affairs and activities of Patrons

  3.          Be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

  4.          Appoint the Auditor, Historian, and Parliamentarian, subject to approval by the Executive Board.

  5.          Appoint Standing Committee Chairs, subject to the approval by the Executive Board.

  6.          Appoint Special Committees with approval of Executive Board and/or Membership.

B.         First Vice President  -  Programs

  1.           Preside at meetings in the absence of the President, or as requested by the President.

  2.           Chair the Program Committee

  3.           Arrange and present the programs.

C.         Second Vice President  -  Membership

  1.          Preside at meetings in the absence of the President and First Vice President, or at the request of the President.

  1. Chair the Membership Committee.
  2. Collect membership dues, turn all monies over to the Treasurer and report the names to the Telephone, Newsletter , and Luncheon Greeter Committees.
  3.  Keep an accurate record of Membership.
  4.  Coordinate and compile the annual Directory, including programs, officers, chairmen and committees.

D.         Third Vice President  -  Ways and Means

  1. Preside at meetings in the absence of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President or at the request of the President.
  2. Chairman the Ways and Means Committee.
  3. Chairman the Fashion Show and Special Events Committees.

E.         Recording Secretary

 1.          Keep a complete record of proceedings at all meetings.

 2.          Submit copies of minutes within seven (7) days to the President.

 3.          Present recommendations, and report actions of the Executive Board.

 4.          Maintain accurate attendance rolls.

 5.          Be custodian of By-Laws, Standing Rules, and records including Treasurer's reports.

F.         Corresponding Secretary

1.         Conduct the official correspondence of the organization, as directed.

2.         Maintain a file of correspondence.

  1. Treasurer

1.         Chair the Budget Committee, appoint members, and prepare budget for approval in September and review at midterm

2.         Receive funds and collect membership dues. The outgoing Treasurer shall assist the newly appointed Budget Committee in the preparation of the proposed budget for the following term.

3.          Make disbursements upon authorization of the organization and with the original receipt.

4.          Keep accurate records of all financial transactions.

5.         Present itemized reports, monthly or as requested, to the membership and to the Executive Board, with copies to the President and Recording Secretary.

6.         Present proposed budget as outlined by Budget Committee to the Executive Board at the September meeting for approval.

7.          Submit the Annual Report at the September meeting.

  1. Submit books for audit by August 1, of the fiscal year.
  2. Recommend that money be available, upon request, with verification, to compensate for luncheons or dinners when a member of Patrons is representing the organization.
  3. Provide receipt upon payment of membership dues.
  4. Determine suggested amount of funds to be allotted for scholarships and report this to the

Executive Board by January for a vote.

H.         Auditor

1.         Chair the Audit Committee.

2.         Have a general knowledge of accounting procedures.

3.         Audit the Treasurer's books and records and present report for approval at the September meeting.

I.          Historian

1.         Maintain Patrons' History Book which shall be exhibited at general meetings.

2.         Present Annual Historian's Report for approval at May Installation.

J.         Parliamentarian

1.         Have a general knowledge of parliamentary procedures.

2.         Advise the President and members on parliamentary matters as requested.

3.         Attend Executive Board meetings and all other scheduled meetings.

4.         Call the meeting of the Nominating Committee and be responsible for filling the elected offices as

                         required by the By-Laws.

5.         Be responsible for distribution of copies of by-laws to officers, chairmen, and members.

6.         Provide officers and chairmen training sessions when requested.

7.         Chair of by-laws Committee.

 K.        G.W.C. Representative

1.         Serve as the College advisor to Patrons

2.         Serve as non-voting member on the Nominating Committee.

3.         Serve on committees as requested by the Board or the President.

4.         Attend Patrons' Board meeting each month. 



Section 1.         Regular Meetings shall be held once each month during academic year, September through May.

Section 2.         Special Meetings may be called by the President or by the Executive Board, and shall be called upon written request of five (5) active members. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call. Except in cases of emergency, at least seven (7) days' notice in writing shall be given.

Section 3.         The regular meeting in April shall be known as the Annual Meeting and shall be for the purpose of  electing officers, receiving Executive Board officers and Committee reports, and for any other

                        business that may arise.

Section 4.         The regular May meeting will be the Installation Meeting.

Section 5.         Quorum: A majority of the active membership that are present constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



Executive Board

Section 1.         Composition

The Executive Board shall consist of all elected officers and the following non-voting members. The Parliamentarian and the G.W.C. Representative.

Section 2.         Authority

The Executive Board shall have general administrative authority and such power as voted by the organization. The Executive Board shall:

A.         Transact such business as may be necessary between regular meetings.

B.         Approve expenditures for all items over $50.00.

C.         Consider all matters concerning the welfare of the organization.

D.         Present all recommendations to the membership for action.

E.         Report all action taken.

Section 3.         Meetings:

A.         Meetings shall be held monthly prior to the regular meeting.

B.         An in/out Board meeting shall be held in June to turnover duties to the new officers.

                                    C.         Special meetings may be called by the President, or upon written request of two

                             (2) members of the Executive Board.

Section 4.         Quorum:

A quorum of the Executive Board shall be a majority of the Board members.



Committees and Duties

Section 1.         Standing Committees:

The Standing Committees shall be:

                        A.         Art Gallery

                        B.         Coordinating Council Representatives

  •       C.         Hospitality
  • D.         Luncheon

E.         Luncheon Greeter

E.         Newsletter

                        F.         Publicity

G.         Scholarship

                        H.         Telephone

Section 2.         Special Committees

Special Committees as may be as required and appointed by the President.

Section 3.         Duties of the Committees

A.         Art Gallery

1.         Arrange scheduling with Fine Arts Director.

2.         Prepare calendar for Patron Art Gallery Docents.

B.         Coordinating Council Representatives

  1. Attend the Coordinating Council meetings of adjacent communities to forward information about G.W.C. activities.

C.         Hospitality

  1. Responsible for welcoming members and guests at meetings and functions.
  2. Introduce guests at meetings.
  1. Luncheon
  1. Arrange food service for meetings.
  2. Provide table decorations.
  3. Maintain Patrons storage area in a neat and cleanly manor.

E.         Luncheon Greeter:

  1. Collect monies at regular meetings and have nametags available.
  2. Turn luncheon monies over to treasurer with attendance count.

F.         Newsletter

1.         Coordinate and compile a monthly newsletter.

2.         President should approve articles to be included in the Newsletter.

3.         Indicate deadline date for submitting copies to Editor.

4.         Use Patrons paper and envelops which are printed by College Graphics Center.

5.         Make copy-ready, preparing and using mailing labels from membership list.

  1. Stuff envelopes and leave flaps open; deliver to GWC mailroom to be metered at least two weeks prior to meeting date.

G.         Publicity

  1. Arrange for pictures and materials for publication.

2.         Write articles for the newsletter concerning GWC News and submit to Newsletter


3.         Work with G.W.C. Publicity Representative.

H.         Scholarship

1.         Assemble Committee and begin process.

  1. Establish acceptable criteria.
  2. Work with Financial Aid Office staff on selection of students for scholarships and financial aid.
  3. Recommend at January meeting the appropriate distribution of funds for scholarships, short-term student loans, and special gifts.

I.          Telephone

1.         Make calls upon request from officers or committee chairs.

2.         Report the results of calls made to the luncheon chairman or appropriate requestor.



Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority and shall be applicable in all cases where it does not conflict with these by-laws and any Special Rules of Order that Patrons may adopt.



Method of Amending

These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a 60% vote of those members present and voting provided the proposed amendment or amendments have been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting.



A.         Patrons shall meet monthly from September through May.

B.         Luncheon/Program meetings shall commence at 11:30AM in the College Community Center.

  1.       The Executive Board shall establish annual membership dues.
  2.       Parking permits shall be issued prior to the September luncheon to paid members.

E.         The fiscal year of this organization is from June 1, through May 31

F.        Members shall be responsible for making or canceling a luncheon reservation. Unless cancellation notice has been given 24 hours in advance member is responsible for payment.

G.        Board members are on a permanent luncheon list. If unable to attend, call regrets only, otherwise they are responsible for payment.

H.        Any member desiring to solicit a contribution for a worthy cause shall present a written request to the Executive Board for review and referral to the membership for approval.


These Standing Rules may be amended or changed at any regular meeting by a 60% vote of those members present without previous notice; by a majority vote of those present if notice has been given at the previous meeting.



Golden West College

15744 Goldenwest Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: 714-895-8316