2017 Peace Conference


Friday, April 28

8:30 AM- 5:00 PM

Peace * Equity * Sustainability


“A Sustainable Peace: Equity, Equality, and Environmental Interdependence in the 21st Century”

 What’s the role of Equity in:

  • Race, Gender, ethnicity and Religion?
  • Economic and Environmental Justice?
  • Compassionate Food Democracy?
  • Establishing Trauma sensitive Policies in Institutions?
  • Living harmoniously within the inter-species collective wisdom?
  • Perpetuating violence and detracting from Empathy?
  • In Supporting Optimum health for the most vulnerable?
  • Law, Criminal Justice and U.S. Prison system?

The 2017 Peace Conference inquiries into critical issues of our time that lead to oppression, injustice, and violence. Climate change, economic inequality, and social justice concerns revolving around race, gender, and religion require a deep examination of the systems operating in our society. This conference is an opportunity to re-envision those systems by digging into cutting edge solutions and ideas that acknowledge the present crisis, anticipate the future without cynicism, and channel the justified dissatisfaction with the status quo into positive action. Via dialogues, TED style presentations, and artistic expressions led by the most incredible researchers, educators, artists, advocates, students, and seekers, the conference will examine the relationship between equity and our deeper values and will explore the practicalities of a society that is sustainable, interdependent, and equitable for all.

The registration includes: Vegan breakfast, Vegan lunch, conference materials and gifts, in addition to FREE parking in Lot "B and C." This is a ZERO waste event. Please do not bring plastic water bottles.


(Online Registration Ends on 4/26/2017 at Midnight)

(All Welcome for At the Door Price on Friday)

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Friday April 28
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
2017 Peace Conference

• Sponsor Student - The Difference Between Free & “Gift”

There’s a subtle but important difference between something handed out for free, and something offered in the spirit of a gift. A gift celebrates inter-connection and relationship. It’s a simple gesture of both gratitude and appreciation. Sponsoring a student isn’t about donating money. It’s about sharing an experience of generosity that has the potential to shift both the giver and the recipient.

• Each sponsor will receive an artistic sculpture by a local artist representing Peace including the donor’s name/organization and recognition on the Peace Studies website.

• Will receive an artistic Peace symbol including the donor’s name/organization and recognition on the Peace Studies website.

• Will receive special glasswork representing Peace and recognition on the Peace Studies website.

• Will receive a table size Peace Pole and recognition on the Peace Studies website.
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