Courtyard of Honor

In the spirit of tremendous gratitude and appreciation, the Golden West College Foundation unveiled the Courtyard of Honor during its 30th Anniversary celebration held on November 3, 1995.

The President's Courtyard of Honor consists of a donor-recognition wall, free-standing Pillars of Support, and the Alumni Pillars of Achievement. In the magnificent California-like garden, quad area is a marker dedicated as a tribute to Judith Valles, a visionary president who headed Golden West College from 1988 to 1993.

Buried below the marker is a time capsule celebrating GWC's silver anniversary. The capsule holds a copy of the original typewritten draft of Golden West's inaugural course schedule, photographs, and other memorabilia from the college's first 25 years. Student government members also wrote letters to their successors, who will open the capsule in 2016 when Golden West College celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Alumni Pillars of Achievement

The Alumni Pillar of Achievement program was initiated by the 25th Anniversary Committee in 1991. As a part of this celebration, the first honorees were installed on September 12, 1991. This past October the Foundation inducted four new recipients, bringing the total number of inductees to 83. Candidates shall have completed at least 30 units at Golden West College ten years prior to their nomination and achieved notable recognition in their field of endeavor.

Pillars of Support

The first Pillars of Support were inducted at the inaugural Courtyard of Honor Ceremony in 1995. Since that time, GWC has honored 58 Pillars of Support. A Pillar represents $25,000 or more in cash donations by either individuals or businesses.

In March 2012, the Foundation added a new donor category – the Premier Pillar of Support, which are those donors who have given $100,000 or more to Golden West College.

Courtyard of Honor Donor Wall

Seven different categories of donors are recognized.


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