The Foundation in the Community

The Golden West College Foundation proudly gives back to the community by supporting the El Viento Foundation, The Project Self-Sufficiency Foundation, the Huntington Beach Youth Shelter, and AltaMed’s Huntington Beach Clinic.

Project Self-Sufficiency Foundation
Project Self-Sufficiency Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that supports low income, single parents working toward an education goal to become economically independent. Our foundation’s goal is to raise the funds needed to provide the tools and support that will help parents achieve their independence. This is a powerful initiative for these parents, as it will change the pathway for their family, many times, breaking the cycle of abuse and building their self-esteem,which ultimately leads to a better future for generations.

Huntington Beach Youth Shelter
The Youth Shelter is an emergency crisis and intervention program providing a safe environment for approximately 120 Orange County 11-17 year old children each year. The home provides a clean bed, meals, counseling and tutoring for runaways at risk, and homeless youth in crisis. The Golden West College Foundation supports Shelter'sThe Light of Love Snowflakes fundraiser. 

El Viento Foundation
How does the El Viento Foundation take students from the poorest neighborhood in Huntington Beach, with every disadvantage, and have all 450 students go to college? If the Oak View neighborhood were a city, it would be the eleventh poorest in the nation. El Viento makes a 10 year commitment - taking students from 4th grade through their second year of college. The first in their families to graduate high school and attend college, their $4,000 scholarship gives them a head start as they are taught, encouraged, tutored, modeled, and enriched. The students overcome the cycle of poverty and neighborhood challenges like academic failure, gang involvement, drug use, teen pregnancy, illiteracy, and a sense of hopelessness. They achieve academic and social skills, confidence, success, and become role models. College bound behavior is encouraged through science projects, workshops, museum trips, and sailing classes. Student and family expectations are changed as they learn that hard work and education create future options and success. El Viento seeks to make a difference – to leave a legacy for the children, the families, and the community of Oak View and Huntington Beach. We are grateful to have partners like the Coast Community College District and Golden West College.

AltaMed's Huntington Beach Clinic
AltaMed is a low cost clinic in Huntington Beach providing Primary Care, Women's Health, Senior Services, HIV/AIDS Care, Health Education, Chronic Care Support, Youth Programs, Drug Treatment / Prevention, and Pharmacy to the disadvantanged. AltaMed has delivered quality care to the underserved communities of Southern California for more than 40 years. The Golden West College Foundation supports its annual Duck-A-Thon fundraiser.




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